CUSTOM - Your Words in Gold or Copper Foil

CUSTOM - Your Words in Gold or Copper Foil

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Make a statement!

Have your own words put in foil for you to proudly display in your home or work space.

Have a favourite motivational quote? A saying that means something special to you? Words that go you (or a friend) through a tough time?

Express yourself and be uniquely you. Our custom prints also make thoughtful gifts.

Simply let us know at checkout the wording you would like and your font choice. Unless specified, your wording will be centred on the page, both horizontally and vertically. You can also nominate landscape format for your custom print.

Print available in GOLD, COPPER, MATTE SILVER or our new BLACK foil.

Our prints come UNFRAMED. For our recommendations on pretty cool frames at great prices, refer to the Frames section at the bottom of each page.

REAL FOIL (not the printed stuff) on acid free, archival quality 250gsm art paper.

Foil Colour:
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